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What is Research & Development Tax Relief?

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief helps innovative businesses undertaking R&D related activity claim a generous corporation tax deduction or a cash refund from HMRC.

Tax benefits for your client…

R&D tax relief, under the most common SME scheme, allows companies to take an extra 130% deduction of its qualifying costs, in addition to the normal 100% deduction from the yearly profit.


Relief of up to 24.7p for every £1 spent

Profit-making SMEs can reduce their corporation tax bill, or receive a corporation tax repayment for any corporation tax already paid.


Relief of up to 33.35p for every £1 spent

Losses generated can be surrendered in exchange for a tax credit/cash refund at 14.5%. The amount available is the lower of the R&D enhancement and the trading loss post R&D.

What qualifies as R&D activity?

If your client’s company is taking a risk by attempting to resolve these uncertainties, then they may be carrying out qualifying activity. This could include creating a new process, product or service or improving on an existing one.

In our experience, claims are often overlooked because business owners over-estimate the level of innovation required to claim. Find out if your client may be able to claim R&D tax relief.

What type of companies can claim?

The scope for identifying R&D is broad and exists in every sector…

✔ Skin Care

✔ Engineering

✔ Hospitality

✔ Food Science


✔ Telecoms

✔ Technology

✔ Software Development

✔ Clinical Research

✔ Pharmaceuticals

✔ Manufacturing

✔ Home Automation

✔ Biotechnology

✔ Architecture

✔ Fuel

✔ Aviation

✔ Advertising

✔ Security Systems

✔ Industrial Equipment

✔ Sound Production

The claim process…

Free R&D Assessment

We talk to your clients finance and tech team to hunt down every qualifying R&D activity.

R&D Claim Preparation

Our dedicated R&D team will work with you and your client to document each R&D activity and split out the qualifying costs.

Submission to HMRC

Once finalised, we’ll submit your claim to HMRC’s specialist R&D unit.

Recent R&D claims

Benefits for you…

We work with accountants, solicitors, independent financial advisers, trade bodies and other professional partners throughout the UK, helping their clients make the most of R&D tax relief.

This arrangement lets us focus on what we do best, maximising a robust R&D claim whilst you and your client continue to build a value-added relationship.

You and your client can rest assured that our specialist R&D team will reduce the risk of investigation and maximise your client’s claim value.

What we offer:

  • A team of qualified chartered tax advisers, sector and technical specialists
  • Our sector and technical specialists include computer Scientists, web engineers, technology experts, mechanical and product engineers
  • Attractive and uncapped commission – payable every year we make an R&D claim
  • A review of your existing client base to uncover R&D opportunities
  • Dedicated business development and tax partner who will be available at hand to attend client meetings and manage income leads
  • Speakers or sponsorship to any conferences or events that you hold
  • Training sessions to educate you and your team to improve your knowledge and enhance your ability to spot opportunities
  • Bespoke marketing material and plan for inclusion in your social media and newsletters
  • Nationwide service

Join now to unlock the potential of Research & Development Tax Relief for you and your client.

Fortune.Tax is a team of UK tax specialists that works exclusively with accountants, solicitors, independent financial advisers, trade bodies other professional partners in London and throughout the UK.

In recent months, we have secured over £40 million in R&D tax relief, with an average claim value of £102,000 and the largest claim of £1.1 million.

Together, we can unlock the potential of R&D tax relief and add-value for you and your client.

Contact us to arrange an introductory meeting…

Parminder Chattha CTA ATT

R&D Tax Director

Parminder is a CTA qualified Corporate Tax Specialist with significant R&D Tax experience. He works closely with both SMEs and large businesses to analyse and maximise their Research and Development claims.

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Bhimal Hira

Business Development Director

With over 10 years of experience within the accountancy and tax profession, Bhimal leads the firms strategic, client services and business development strategy.

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Sofia Burgess

R&D Consultant

With over 5 years experience as a consultant in Research & Development Tax Credits, Sofia leads the business development branch of the R&D department. She works closely with SME's in the initial stages of their claim and is responsible for maintaining relationships thereafter with SME's and introducers, both existing and new.

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R&D Technical Staff


Prior to joining Fortune.Tax, Paresh worked as a Senior software engineer for a Real Estate Group in Bangalore, India. He holds a degree in Engineering, Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and an MBA in Innovation. His speciality is in Computer Science / Web Engineering.


Hina is a Mechanical Engineer with 11 years experience working for large industrial/energy engineering consultancies. She previously worked for a large accountancy practice writing technical R&D narratives on behalf of their clients. She holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a strong understanding of Manufacturing (product development)/Engineering claims, in addition to drafting food development claims.


Martin previously worked for a tax consultancy managed high risk R&D claims in the software sector. He holds a degree in Computer Science and has significant experience in the software/IT/Telecommunications sector.

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